Garage Door Spring Replacement is Our Specialty

broken garage door torsion spring
Broken left facing torsion spring, right side still under tension

All  garage doors are lifted by some sort of spring, which “balances” the weight of your door.  When it breaks, your garage door won’t open — it becomes dead weight.  Garage door spring replacement is our specialty! 

I estimate that I have replaced more than 10,000 springs over the last decade and a half.

Standard springs that come with most doors are intended to last 10,000 “cycles”(once up and down). We carry 20,000+ cycle garage door torsion springs, with an unconditional five year guarantee. 

What type of spring does my garage door have?

Most garage doors in the Happy Valley, Gresham, and Clackamas area use a standard torsion spring (pictured above).  But there are other types.  Many garage doors in the area, particularly in newer homes built over the last two decades, have a TorqueMaster spring. And there are still some older doors using extension springs.

Whatever spring system you have, we can get your door up and running.

Springs are specific to the weight of the door

It is critical that the correct strength spring is used.

An “out of balance” garage door is one that has the wrong strength spring(s) on it — causing it to fall hard to the floor, or to fly open on its own. This is a leading cause of preventable damage to garage door openers and top door sections.

One of the worst things a garage door technician can do is to put the wrong strength spring on your door and just leave it that way (there are tricks that will cover it up for a while).  In the best case, it won’t last as long as it should.  But it can also be dangerous, and lead to expensive damage that doesn’t turn up until much later.  

We never leave a door with the wrong spring

Even the best of us occasionally miscalculate and put the wrong spring on a garage door.  If that happens to one of our technicians, he will gladly change it out for the correct spring at no additional charge.

If you are interested, here is a video that gives a great explanation of how the garage door spring makes a heavy door (most are at least 150 lbs.) feel so light that it can easily be lifted and closed with one hand.  When properly balanced, even a massive 750lb door is a breeze to open manually.

Ideally, any non-standard torsion spring system (such as TorqueMaster, Clopay EZ-Set, and extension spring systems) should be converted to standard torsion when it fails.  Installed properly, this will provide a much longer lasting, more reliable, and smoother operating garage door system.

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