The Torquemaster system is a type of spring system that is very common on homes built since the late 1990’s.  Builders like it because it accomplishes the same task as a standard torsion spring system, it is cheap, and installs quickly.  But it is not great for the homeowner, as it does not last nearly as long as a standard system, and tends to run a little on the rough side.

You can tell that your garage door has a Torquemaster system because there is no visible coil, it is inside of the tube.  The lift cables are spooled up around a grey plastic drum:

Torquemaster spring system Torquemaster spring system The tiny spring inside a Torquemaster The tiny spring inside a Torquemaster

Compare this to a standard torsion spring system.  As you can see, the coil is clearly visible as it on the outside of the torsion tube.  The cables spool up over a larger aluminum drum:

Standard torsion spring system Standard torsion spring system

When a Torquemaster breaks, the best option is to convert your door to a standard torsion system.   This will give you a much longer lasting, quieter, and more reliable garage door.