Garage Door Opener Installation and Repair

We install new LiftMaster and Linear garage door openers (scroll down for options), and service/repair the major brands.  All of our new openers include a free garage door tune up.

LiftMaster is our preferred opener manufacturer.  They offer a wide range of options, all of which are based on designs that are time tested.  But LiftMaster has also managed to stay on the cutting edge, with the widest range of features on the market.  Smartphone connectivity through the free myQ app is standard across their product line, and their top of the line openers have much more than that.

LiftMaster 87504
LiftMaster 87504

The LiftMaster 87504w is, in our opinion, the best garage door opener ever made.  Innovative new features like smartphone control through the myQ app, built in led lighting (2000 lumens bright!), battery backup, and extreme quiet make these machines truly impressive.  It also works with Amazon Key, and has a built in security camera so you can keep an eye on your garage through the free app.  We have a great deal on this amazing new opener.

LiftMaster 8500w Side Mount

The LiftMaster 8500w Side Mount (a.k.a. “wall mount” or “jackshaft”) opener is a great choice for garages with certain ceiling restrictions, or any time you want to free up the overhead space taken up by a traditional “trolley” garage door opener. 

It is also the quietest option available, as it makes the same (very small) amount of noise as the 87504w, but moves the motor to an outside wall so it isn’t directly underneath living space.  It comes with battery backup, a remote LED light that can go anywhere there is an outlet available to plug into, and a solenoid-fired deadbolt.

LiftMaster 8165w/8365w



Customers who are looking for a reliable garage door opener but are not interested in all of the fancy features would be well served by the LiftMaster 8165w or 8365w (they are the same motor but the 8365 takes two light bulbs instead of one).  They are based on the classic LiftMaster A/C chain drive design that has been in use for decades, but with digital controls, modern safety features, and the myQ app (which you don’t have to activate if you don’t want to).


Linear makes quality, reliable garage door openers at a competitive price point.   This used to be our preferred brand, but unfortunately they have not yet integrated some of the more popular modern features and aesthetics into their product line.  That being said, they are a breeze to install, and are compatible with the myQ gateway, so you can always add smartphone capability in the future.

Linear LDCO801
Linear LDC801 garage door opener

The Linear LDCO801 motor is very quiet (comparable to the LiftMaster 87504), and is available  a chain or belt rail.  While it is not a “smart” opener, it is compatible with home automation systems like Z Wave, which will not work with wifi capable LiftMaster openers. 

For years this was our go-to garage door opener thanks to ease of installation and its impressively quiet operation.  When Linear finally gets around to incorporating modern features and design elements we will definitely reconsider, but for now it is not an item we keep in stock.  Linear is distributed locally, so we can get you one without any problem, it might just take a little longer.


Garage Door Opener Repair

If you would rather repair your existing opener, that’s great, it may have some solid years left in it.  We stock common repair parts for the major garage door opener brands.

Garage door opener brands that we service include, but are not limited to:

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