In our opinion, Linear makes the best safety sensors on the market.  I don’t know why, but they are the only garage door opener manufacturer that seems to have a clue what installers and homeowners care about with regards to safety sensors.


  • Non-polar
  • Bright indicator lights tell you if there is power reaching the sensor, even when misaligned
  • Best mounting bracket on the market
    • Thin enough to fit in tight spaces, especially in situations with concrete right next to the track.
    • Adjustable
    • Easy to cut and modify
    • Can be mounted on the wall, floor, or track.


  • Can be damaged if they get hit hard (but it can usually be fixed)

Linear safety sensors are “non-polar”, and they come with nice bright indicator lights that provide all the information you need to get them lined up and/or troubleshoot wiring issues.  

If both sensors have a green light but the red light on the receiving side is flickering or out, you know it is an alignment issue (or on rare occasion a bad sensor).  Remember, the sending sensor only has one light on it, the green one.

If one or both sensors are not showing a green light, it’s almost certainly a wiring problem.  No confusion (looking at you here Chamberlain).

But that’s not all.  The mounting brackets that come with Linear openers are without a doubt the best on the market.  It is a two-piece design that can be adjusted for length.  It is easy to mount to any surface and can also be bolted to the track.  And they can be cut with tin snips instead of a saw. Unlike LiftMaster and Genie, aiming the sensors and adjusting the mounting bracket are very intuitive.

If there is a downside to Linear safety sensors it is that they don’t hold up well to being bumped.  They don’t usually break when they get hit, but the little metal clip on the back of the sensor can get bent, in which case it will be a little loose and might not stay aimed very well.  No worries though, you can take the clip off with a screwdriver, bend it back into shape with your fingers, and you are good to go.

I wish all garage door opener manufacturers would take a cue from Linear and redesign their safety sensors.  Installers are much more likely to do a good job on the mount, and put them at the proper height above the ground, when the bracket isn’t a huge headache.

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