The simplest wiring configuration for garage door safety eyes is the “home run”.  This consists of a direct line from each sensor back to the point at which it connects to the garage door opener.

Most garage door openers have two terminals for the safety sensors.  But with home run wiring you will end up with six total wires to connect to the opener. Therefore, you will have to either twist the wires together (be sure not to criss-cross your wires), or if they are too big to fit in the terminal as a pair, splice on a smaller piece of wire for the final connection.

The Home Run is easier to work with than sensors that are Daisy Chained because you can test each sensor individually.  It doesn’t matter which sensor goes on which side (but watch out for “cross talk” if there is an adjacent garage door with safety sensors).

You will know you are dealing with Home Run wiring when there is one wire tail next to each sensor and three wires sticking out of the ceiling (one for each sensor plus the wall control wire).