$199 Garage Door Tune Up+

(Regular price $299)

Garage door tune up plus your choice of a new set of rollers, a new remote control, or a new outside keypad (installation and programming included)

Prevent expensive garage door and opener damage and sudden failures.  Fix nagging, annoying problems, and make sure your garage door and opener system is safe for your family, pets, and property.  

Is there a new “click” or “pop” sound as you open or close your garage door?  We will investigate anything that could be the early warning signs of a bigger problem to come.  And if your garage door is loud and rough while it opens, a new set of rollers and the proper adjustments will have it running smooth.

At only $199, this is a deal that could save you the expense of having to replace your entire garage door and/or opener.  The following is included:

  • Ultra-Smoothe nylon 11 ball bearing rollers, or a new remote control, or a new keypad
  • Adjust spring
  • Align and balance garage door
  • Lubricate door and opener
  • Tighten opener chain/belt
  • Inspect and tighten critical parts
  • Test safety reverse
  • Diagnose any reported problems
  • Align safety eye sensors
  • Program remotes/keypads
  • Program vehicle HomeLink
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