Q:  Why won't my garage door open?

A: It probably has a broken spring.  All garage doors are lifted by a spring that counter balances the weight of the door, making it feel light.  Springs break from usage, usually after about 10,000 lifts.


Q:  Why won't my garage door close?

A: The most common cause of garage doors not closing, or only closing part way and then reversing, is misaligned safety eyes. Your safety eyes have lights on them that indicate weather they are properly aligned or not--they should be glowing bright and steady, with no flickering or blinking.

If the safety eyes are just barely lined up, they may let the door close sometimes, and cause it to reverse other times, seemingly at random.

Bright, direct sunlight can also cause safety eyes to prevent your door from closing.


Q:  Can I fix my garage door myself?

A: Maybe.  Replacing broken parts usually requires dealing with the tension from the springs, which is extremely dangerous without the proper tools and training. But remember, if you are having trouble getting your door to close, it is probably the safety eyes.


Q:  How long do springs last?

A: I carry 20,000 cycle springs(a cycle being one time up and down), but many garage door companies carry 10,000 cycle springs.  And often times the door that was installed when a home was built has a  spring system that lasts even fewer cycles than that.


Q:  Can my garage door be made quieter?

A:  As far as the garage door is concerned, new rollers and bearings, along with lubrication, can make a difference. Usually, most of the noise comes from the garage door opener. Belt drive openers are so quiet that often times they cannot be heard in the house.


Q:  How long do you warranty your work?

A:  Most of the garage door parts that I carry, including springs, are covered by a five year warranty against failure.  The labor associated with installation of said parts is also covered by a five year warranty.  And I always try to be accommodating if there is any concern regarding work I have done -- as a matter of principal I never force customers to pay a service charge to have me come back and take a look at something in question.  I stand by my work.