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$100 Off Garage Door Rebuild

If you are satisfied with how your existing garage door looks, and what you really want is a door that works like new for half (or less than half) the price, then this is the deal for you.

This package replaces the worn-out critical parts on your garage door and restores it to good-as-new working condition. I use only high quality replacement parts, and all of the parts and labor are covered by a Seven Year Warranty.

Garage doors that are 50 years, or even older, can be succesfully rebuilt. As long as the sections (aka "panels") are structurally sound, we can simply replace the parts that move and bear the weight of the door. If your door is a large, double car door (avg price $1200 +), having a rebuild done could easily save you over $700. The best part is, your existing door will work every bit as well as the brand new door that costs hundreds (or in some cases thousands) of dollars more.

Having your garage door rebuilt is also much quicker and simpler. It takes less than two hours on all but the most difficult garage doors. And it doesn't require clearing out your whole garage-- just a few feet of space that an A-frame ladder can fit in along the inside length of the door is plenty!



I have never had a customer tell me they were dissatisfied with the decision to have their garage door rebuilt. If, however, you prefer something new, we carry a full line of new garage doors & openers.

Please call or email with questions or to schedule service.

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